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Cyprus and the fate of Pontius Pilate

By Chris Ch. Liapis Jr, MD, MSc, PhD Have you ever asked yourselves what happened to Pontius Pilate? What was the fate of the man…

Φωτογραφία ΚΥΠΕ/ΑΠΕ

A lie of 41 years

By Sener Levent* There is one question that must be answered before all else: could it be that the US and the UK wish a…

Φωτογραφία Γερμανικής Καγκελαρίας

Unite Europe Mrs. Merkel, Become a Part of History

By Justine Frangouli-Argyris The situation in Greece, mere weeks after the country’s recent national elections, is anything but settled. The country’s future remains mired in uncertainty…


Athens, the City of the Bitter Orange Trees

By Justine Frangouli-Argyris I am in Athens this spring and the city is drowning in the fragrance of the bitter orange trees that flood its sidewalks….